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How to pack for a hot weather getaway

Ann Elia 8 Tips on How to pack for a warm weather getaway How to pack for a hot weather getaway Packing tips for a tropical getaway

Packing light for hot destinations can be hard.  Rather than over pack, follow my tips on how to pack light for your next getaway.  I've become a pro over the years.

Tip 1-

Fabric is key when packing for warm climates.  Think 100% cotton, bamboo fibers or fabric that offers SPF.  These fabrics are breathable so heat can escape the body.

Tip 2-

Pack only one pair of pants or shorts that you can coordinate 2 or 3 tops with.

Tip 3-

Pack only 3 shoes.  Sneakers for working out or exploring, flip flops and a dressier sandal.  Trust me, no need to bring 10 pairs of shoes.  

Tip 4-

Pack dresses.  Dresses are the perfect piece of clothing for warm weather.  You just throw on and go.  Make sure one of the dresses you pack can be used as a beach cover up as well.

Tip 5-

Packing cubes.  I never pack without them.  The packing cubes divide your clothing to keep everything organized and neat.  I purchased mine on amazon.  My favorite brand is Yeken.

Tip 6-

Only pack 2 bathing suits.  You don't need more than that. 

Tip 7-

The easiest way to pack light is to take enough clothing to last half of your trip.  You can always wash your clothes at a local laundry service or in a sink.

Tip 8-

I never leave home without the following; My reusable bag.  They come in handy for shopping or used as a laundry bag.  My bamboo shawl.  It's perfect for cooler evenings and dresses up any outfit.  A hat (make sure it's collapsible) and lastly a casual light weight sweater.

BONUS TIP:  Roll your clothing (Don't fold) when packing.  It offers you almost double the space in your suitcase.

Before I travel, I make copies of all credit cards, drivers license and passports just in case they go missing during travel.

I hope the above tips HELP you on your next adventure.

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